NAKAN Biocare is your trusted and reliable chemical and raw material  partner, a biomedical innovative vinyls blends Leader.

Thanks to the expertise of our Team, we ensure worldwide first class service as well as consistency of safety, quality and formula modelling on your performance needs.
Our portfolio includes standard biomedical formulas and innovative blends. We may also provide tailor-made solutions for  final markets quality and regulatory compliance.
Quality System certified UNI EN ISO 13485:2012.
This is the innovative blend of which medical devices are made of. We’ll be by your side wherever the future of biomedicals markets will lead us to.

Enjoy your NAKAN Biocare Innovative Blends!


Thanks to our strong experience and knowledge of Biomedical sector and merging all IVY labs Research team skills, we accept the challenge to ‘think out of the box’ and ‘reload’ the state of the art on vinyls blends for biomedical applications.
We create Innovative blends to develop and anticipate the future biomedical devices requirements, exploring the huge potential of vinyl formulations.
High Hydrophilic solution, Active thermal indicators, odourless plastic, cross linked solution for renal therapy treatments, are only few example of our unconventional approach to Radical Innovation.


Hi-Tech Solution for Medical Packaging is the smart and effective solution for packaging of medical devices and components.
It is a new innovative blend that exceeds customer’s expectations, both technically and regulatory wise, generating a new ‘state of the art’ solution.
High-value characteristics may be found in the great performance after irradiation sterilization, in the high tranparency, and during the thermoforming process, with low shrinkage and the scrap volume reduction. A thermoplastic film that aims to be a ‘first class’ product and new solution for the medical packaging.


Biotech Reproduction product line is specifically designed for this market with specific requirements and needs.
Starting from dedicated raw material selection, passing through a ‘no cross contamination production process’, arriving to customized color nuances, this product line can reply to most of customers requirements in artificial insemination applications.


Breathing is life !
Emergency treatments, surgery operations, hospital & home care require different material performances. Only a strong knowledge on final intended use permits to create the first in class blend, with superior performances.
As fully dedicated supplier for healthcare market , we developped, in close cooperation with our customers, a complete portfolio of innovative and stardard products designed for oxygen mask, spiral tubing, connectors, filter case and fittings.


Infusion & perfusion treatments, critical drugs applications, anesthesia and pain treatment, need dedicated raw materials and blends.
Our knowledge on different kind of chemical, mechanical and physical properties permits to achieve the highest quality performance standards.
A large portfolio of products for extrusion, injection molding, blow molding, both on plastized and rigid ‘blends’, capable to satisfy final devices demands such as infusion tubing , peristaltic pumps, drip chamber, bags & bottles, catheters and fittings.


With more than 20 years of development and production dedicated to extracirculatory treatment and blood contact solutions.
Our Know-How and experience in materials can give the competitive advantage in critical device intended use as Renal therapies applications.
A large portfolio of products for extrusion, injection molding, blow molding, both on plasticized and rigid ‘blends’, capable to satisfy devices demands such as peristaltic pumps, blood line, blood bags, arterial flow chamber, luer lock and fittings.