Automotive Interior

NAKAN offers PVC specialty compounds dedicated to Automotive Interior soft parts: pellets, powder, paint and ink for the ultimate decoration.
Thanks to a dedicated R&D team focused on customers support, innovation and new technologies: NAKAN experience keeps on enriching, evolving to meet any current or future requirements from car makers.

More than 10 millions cars per year are developed with NAKAN products: our sites in Europe, North America and Asia help in providing a worldwide implementation.


NAKAN Drysol PVC compounds are fine free flowing powders designed for slush molding. They offer an exceptional design freedom, a leather-like soft touch and aspect, excellent durability and airbag deployment properties.

NAKAN Drysol complies with low fogging and low VOC specification of Automotive Interiors.


NAKAN Spraysol is a vinyl paint specialty formulated to be sprayable in the Nickel Mold before the slush molding step.

NAKAN Spraysol is thus fully compatible with NAKAN Drysol vinyl slush powders to produce two-tones PVC slush skins. This technology is an innovative alternative to double slush, post-painting or multi-skin assembly. NAKAN Spraysol materials are the solution to designers imagination and engineering skills thanks to an outstanding wide range of colors including special effects, combined with an homogeneous touch thanks to the perfect grain reproduction offered by this technique.


NAKAN Printsol is a specialty Vinyl Ink, designed for inkjet printing and fully compatible with NAKAN Spraysol and Drysol. Fine decoration can be printed thanks to a 6 axis robotized inkjet printer internally developed for printing on complex curved shapes.

This technology can be thus fully integrated in the standard production process of the cockpit while giving all interiors a customized decoration!


The Top Roll of the Door Panel is essential for the interior harmony as it is usually close to the edge of the instrument panel.

NAKAN Automotive Interior product line can be also used for the armrest.


For homogeneity of luxury touch and color harmony, NAKAN Automotive Interior product line perfectly fits with knee protectors, glove boxes, consoles or center armrests.


NAKAN is also used for injected parts with complex shapes characteristics: handbrake lever grip, brake pedal, or armrest cover.

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